Youtube SEO. How it is done.

At Aftera we provide SEO services to local businesses but what about Youtube SEO?

At the point we have reached today, the most clicked, most time inevitably spent video portal and social media is Youtube. Well, this is the case, since we are talking about a tiny ocean with tiny ships, how can you come to the front in this giant pool with the videos you add, how will you stay on the surface without sinking? So, how will the videos you put reach people? Youtube SEO is quite different from the website’s SEO process. Learn more about Youtube SEO in this article.

How to Do Youtube SEO?


Do you know that you can affect 35% of Youtube users? In other words, 35 people out of 100 can simply click on your video because your video thumbnail image can draw attention and the user’s interest. We strongly recommend you to prepare a special thumbnail, since choosing the thumbnail images you will add to your video will cause poor visual quality.

How should the sample thumbnail be? The answer is very simple. Explain what awaits the user in the thumbnail!

Video Title

Each title you enter expressly indicates to Youtube what you produce. Especially keep the keywords that users use frequently in the title. Let’s start with your keyword if possible.

Attention: Writing the whole title in capital letters will harm you!

Video Description

Writing SEO-compliant articles is a completely different subject that requires partial expertise. As important as these articles are for your websites, your YouTube video descriptions are as important for the salvation of your video!

If we list them under 3 headings:

  • Be natural and original
  • Sprinkle your keywords into the description
  • Use links

Video Name

Before uploading your video, be sure to review your video file name. For example, “How to do SEO?” If you are going to upload a video about How To do SEO it is good SEO practice to make it your filename.

Video Tags

Google has announced that keywords on websites are no longer important. But this is not the case for Youtube! Add a minimum of 20 keywords to your videos, at least 200 characters. This will clearly show how relevant you are to the subject.

End Screens

With the end screens, you add to your videos, you can gain new subscribers and direct them to your other videos. Do not miss the important point! The end screens you add at the end of the video should not close a piece of the video that the user is currently watching, and should not cause any trouble to the user. Otherwise, a screen that you make for a benefit may, on the contrary, create a negative situation for you. For this reason, you can put an end screen video that you will prepare before at the end of each video.

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