Which One? SEO or PPC?

Which One? SEO or PPC?

Let’s start with SEO search engines like Google and Bing won’t just rank web pages at the top of results automatically with over 200 factors that determine a page’s position such as unique content, being mobile-friendly and having a fast speed a lot of time is taken analyzing and implementing changes though after optimization your website will receive more visitors especially because your audience wants what you have to offer.

Remember SEO results don’t happen overnight it takes time especially when there’s high keyword competition amongst your competitors imagine how many other sites want that number one ranking you are promoting a new product or service and wanted to get out there quick SEO may not be the best strategy option for you though once you do finally get to the top it’s worth it because it said that organic results are 8.5 times more likely to be clicked on.

The paid ones are PPC brings an increased number of visitors. It brings visitors to your website fast your ad is live within 24 hours you have interest from the target audience let’s say if you are launching a new product or there is some offer going on for next few days, PPC can be the great advantage over SEO because your ad is live you’re getting visitors, however, it can be quite expensive because you are paying for every click let’s take example of insurance which costs around about R100 per click and if you are getting 100 users for that keyword it is costing you 10000 hundred a day PPC gets quick visitors could be as long as you convert.

If you are not converting the visitors your losses can be heavy. PPC strategy will be needed what is best for your business it all depends on what is your long-term and short-term objectives are and what is your strategy to implement those changes Aftera have worked with various industries over many years we have been operating in Aftera and it is safe to say it is all down to strategy outlining your business goals and objectives we also know from experience that PPC works well as a short term strategy to get users to your site quick then SEO will work alongside PPC campaigns as a long-term strategy building authority so don’t go with SEO or PPC because the internet told you to do so your marketing strategy must be tailored to your business objectives in order to see return on your investment.

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