What is SEO? The Evolution of SEO

SEO is all about utilizing the algorithm of a search engine to make sure that your web page ranks higher than somebody else’s on a Google search

How does Google, decide which web page ranks number one or number two how do they decide, well that’s where SEO comes in every search query you type into Google, any web page that has done SEO will be the higher on Google. Google Yahoo and Bing developed ways to filter to sort and rank content that it can be relevant for the people when you’re typing a specific keyword like plumbers you will receive a list of what Google or what the other search engines think that is the most relevant content related to that keyword.

What can SEO do for me well it’s both the fastest-growing and the most accessible form of marketing and it can turn your website to a full-time salesman.

The Start of Google

First, in the late 90s, a new search engine was born named Google Google was using more innovative ways to rank websites. First, one that changed the game was the concept of backlinking instead of just saying the quality of a website because it’s repeating a keyword a lot. They tried to imitate what happens in real life. In real life, you consider a productcompanyservice more reliable if your friends talk about it. What Google tried to do was the same but applied to the digital world. The more websites were linking to a website the more that website was important. This is the basic concept of backlinks

Today Google takes into account hundreds of factors to rank the best results depending on the search for the user that has the best content answering to what the user is searching. 

Google uses something called spiders to crawl the web to go around the Internet basically these spiders are in a website and as soon as they find a link they follow that link and they go to another website. This way Google discovers many websites with the crawlers.

Google covers new websites once the content is crawled is stored in Google’s servers than when someone types on Google a certain phrase Google uses its algorithm to rank to sort the results stored in its database to show the most relevant search results


Google pagerank simplified
Image from Ahrefs

Google ranks website using a complex algorithm called PageRank. PageRank indexes result’s depending on three main factors technical specifics of the website. Quality of the content and backlinks. Websites linking to that website.

Panda Update

google's panda update
Image from SearchEngineLand

Panda made Google focus even more on the quality of the written content so how well that piece of content is written this has been done to avoid something called content farms websites were publishing a lot of content daily that was very low quality all these websites have been penalized by panda in 2012.

Penguin Update

Google Penguin Update

Penguin focused even more on the quality of the backlinks so with penguin it doesn’t just matter how many websites rank to your website but the quality of those websites so the more on the website is good has quality content has quality backlinks the more the backlink is useful for you.

Hummingbird Update

Google hummingbird update
Image from SearchEngineJournal

Hummingbird, Google’s way to become more human to understand the search intent of the users. It’s more focused on semantics and understands more the intent with ambiguous keywords so, for example, let’s say you typed mouse on Google are you looking for the animal or are you looking to buy, with hummingbird Google understands much better what you’re looking for. Hummingbird now is, even more, complex.

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