The Relationship Between UX and SEO

UX and SEO and their relationship

UX, the user experience, can be defined as the quality of a user’s product or experience in a system. This concept, which cannot be considered separately from SEO, gives us many tips about business development. User experience, which can be measured in many ways, is a performance we can improve based on existing data and measurements. UX; It is of great importance in terms of product development in all sectors such as cars, mobile phones, food, and technological tools. User satisfaction plays a critical role in developing a product. Most SEO companies prefer the blackhat way of doing SEO and do not care about the user experience the website provides, at Aftera we analyze data from analytics tools and improve the most trafficked websites to increase UX, in our agency we prefer a whitehat approach for longevity and sustainability in mind.

The quality of the user experience is also very important for a website. Whether users can find what they are looking for within the site, can they easily navigate, can the services be transferred to the user, all these factors must be evaluated to present a good site. UX is fully concerned with the user’s experience.

Usability and UX Difference

Usability and UX are very similar, but when looking at the subject in detail, usability is generally how a site is technical. It covers details that need to be improved, such as page speed and mobile compatibility. UX offers a more detailed experience. The color tones and buttons on the page are the main factors that appeal to the eyes and tastes of the user and can maximize their experience by connecting it to the site with these features. It also includes efforts to encourage the user to re-enter the site. colors to adapt to usability, user experience, but may not need the extra drawing is noteworthy in terms of their spots. This clearly shows us the distinction between the two.

The Relationship Between UX and SEO

The Relationship Between UX and SEO

First of all, SEO in UX and SEO relationship is all about organic SEO. So a website with high-quality content, with good design, enhanced user interface that enhances the experience with fast hosting with every option possible to rise to top positions in the search engines. Well, how can this be understood by the search engine and the ranking factor?

Let’s take Google on this. There are many ways to understand this by Google. Google can measure the user experience by tracking factors such as site coding structure, necessary/unnecessary codes it contains, the links it contains, and the user’s in-site behaviors.

The bounce rate of the user also gives many tips in terms of the quality of the experience. Of course, it is also possible for the user to access the information he/she wants immediately, but this is an exception. In summary, providing a good service by keeping the user on the site with remarkable visuals, clear and informative content; While it positively affects the user experience, it also brings organic SEO-based rises visibly by search engines. This is the most natural SEO method.

How to Measure User Experience

User experience can be measured with web analysis tools. With tools such as Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, we can measure the movements of users who visit the site, the pages they spend a lot of time, the links they click, and the pages they exit immediately. Thanks to these measurements, we can plan the directions we need to develop by identifying the deficiencies of the site.

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