Who we are?

Give our team a few months. We’ll get your website on top of all the major search engines for your targeted keywords. This optimization helps with your organic online marketing in South Africa.


We enjoy seeing our clients being on top rankings in South Africa for search engines! Our team of experts continually test for new algorithm updates from search engines, then we create strategies on how to win this algorithm's favor and then implement these strategies to our clients’ sites, we are solidly in the forefront of understanding exactly how that algorithm really works. Our clients are always happy with the results and get huge advantage over its competitors on search engines.

How we do it?

SEO Audit
We will conduct a comprehensive SEO audit on your site and design an SEO strategy according to your needs.
Performance analysis is a vital component of success in SEO. Our specialists follow the traffic and other data on your site regularly.
Technical SEO
We will overcome technical problems that prevent search engines from loving your site and growing.
Our SEO specialist will make sure your content to have more information about your business for search engines and also for users to have more information about your business.
Aftera will improve your site's mobile experience to increase your organic traffic and improve the mobile User Experience (UX).
Stand out in local searches! We use local ranking factors to increase your organic visibility.

How do we start?

Whether you are a brand that wants to grow high, improve your business, our SEO service is tailored to your business goals. High-quality traffic and more sales from search engines, especially from Google to your website are at the heart of what our SEO experts do in Aftera.


You can get better traffic and better conversions by creating content suitable for your customers' interests. But first, you need to do keyword research to find out exactly what your audience is looking for.


We analyze the search volumes of keywords, the difficulty of ranking, and how soon we can succeed. In the keyword research process, comprehensive competitor analysis is performed. We determine what your potential customers are looking for.



Technical SEO

Technical SEO is about how Google sees your website in terms of size, speed, and structure. A website has many moving parts behind the scenes. All these pieces come together to create a seamless user experience, but they can easily locate errors and damage the search engine ranking.


Technical SEO reports contain detailed descriptions of the areas in the code structure that need to be improved and how you can do it. It is an ongoing process that offers positive and ranking results all over your site.




Google makes it clear that great content is among the top ranking factors for success in SEO. SEO is not limited to the technical intervention of websites. It is important to have high-quality content that targets the user's intent and provides them with a truly engaging experience.


Content that provides answers to what users are looking for helps you get more traffic from search engines, and can position your brand as the industry leader by keeping you on top of the most important keywords.


Users have different intentions when searching. They may be looking for information on a particular topic or browsing the products they want to buy. We understand what users want to learn and develop the content on your website.




We create reports that are always available and ensure that the displayed data is clear and includes comments with feasible plans.

Our reports include accurate data and reliable data sources, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

SEO reporting involves more than tracking visitors to your site. It allows you to fully understand user traffic and how you can better direct them to sales or conversion.




Most SEO companies out there sell packages without knowing how much it is actually the cost to rank your website. Our SEO consultants will analyze the work that has to be put in before giving the pricing. This allows us to determine the exact issues your website has. This helps your business not wasting your marketing budget on unnecessary tasks that will be done with no impact on the campaign

Have Questions?

What stages does SEO involve?

The work required by each website is different. Some websites require more than one section, including internal SEO studies, called on-site SEO, starting with content, while others may have simpler needs. The stages of the works to be done are determined on the website and according to the researches to be made about the competitors.

What tools do you use for SEO?

While conducting SEO studies, many different tools are used to analyze competitors’ websites, identify technical deficiencies with the support of artificial intelligence and similar purposes, to name them, ahrefs, screaming frog, semrush, google analytics, google search console.

Why you need SEO for website?

Having your website at the top of certain keywords allows you to reach more potential customers. People tend to click on websites that they see on the first page in search engines like Google. Organic traffic of your site increases with your SEO work and your customer portfolio expands. However, your company visibility is increased and a positive contribution is provided for your brand image.

How does SEO affect sales?

The high ranking in the search engines allows you to be noticed by more and more people. A higher return is received since the higher ranking websites will give customers more confidence. Being at the top of a search engine will attract many of your potential customers to your website.

How long does SEO take?

SEO for each website is different. Therefore, the time required will also vary. As with pricing, how long it takes to get results from the study can be determined in the same way as a result of the examination on the site.

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