How To Work On Your Website’s SEO

Since Google is the most used search engine today, the organization that determines the rules of SEO and the internet has become “Google”.

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“Google” always prioritizes quality and popular sites for searches. The subject we call quality is on-site optimizations and popularity is considered off-site studies. SEO work has preliminary preparation and planning. Projects that proceed in line with the correct analysis can always be successful. Now, how to do SEO work by examining these topics in subtitles? We will find answers to the question.

What is On-Page SEO

Search engines give their website quality scores within the determined rules. These quality scores are provided with the text and visual content we use throughout our site, clean and fast code structure, user-friendly interface, and major search engine tags. Our main goal in on-site optimization is to prove to search engines that we are of good quality and user benefit. How can a website be user-friendly? How should I speed up my site? For your questions, let’s examine the SEO issues within the article.

Text and Images

The texts we use in our site content are among the most important issues that they are in a flow that is original and enjoyable for the readers. The more quality and natural our articles we have prepared for our site, the more people will read our content and spend time on our page. The text we use in our content is at least as important as our text content. The fact that our images used on our site are original and high quality will both increase the quality score of our site and will leave an original impression in the eyes of our visitors.

Site Speed and Clean Code

Most Internet users quickly leave a slow-opening website. The fact that users leave your site quickly reduces your site quality score significantly. Also, while search engine bots crawl our site, they want to encounter a clean and comfortable browsable code structure instead of a complex and unnecessary code structure. Show more for site acceleration techniques.

User-friendly Web Pages

Let’s take a bit of user experience, which is perhaps one of the most important building blocks of promotion on Google. In internet projects, issues such as misleading visitors, unforgettable and long URL structures and poor quality designs, not only are user-oriented but also attract the attention of the boots and reduce our quality. As an example of a user-friendly website, layout and accessibility should be among our main ingredients. People of all ages and levels should be able to use our site easily. We can say that projects that attach importance to font fonts, site colors, and internal links will be successful step by step. The main purpose of SEO is to provide users with quality and useful information. It should be noted that a user-friendly website is also search engine friendly.

What are Meta Tags

What are meta tags. This images shows an example of what is an meta tag and how google reads it.

Search engine meta tags, which are the technical subject of in-site SEO, ensure that our site is well perceived by bots and indexed correctly in search results. The main parameters shown among the meta tags are; tags that give signals to bots such as page titles and descriptions, language tags, correct page address representations. With properly structured meta tags, Google can browse and perceive our pages in a healthier way. Therefore, we can say that it is an important SEO criterion for meta tags that directly affect our rankings.

When using these labels, you should get professional support. Incorrect labeling will lead to misperception of sites and even index losses. If you want to see your current meta tag errors or shortcomings, you can use our free analysis tool.

What is Off-Page SEO

off-page SEO work, as the name suggests, includes all the interactions that take place outside the site. We can also think of this work as increasing the popularity and awareness of internet projects. Off-page SEO is a highly sensitive and important issue. Among the biggest reasons for making the biggest mistakes in SEO work and the way to the deletion of the sites from Google; We can show off-site posts to fool Google. Off-site studies, which are carried out with natural popularity and artificial popularity, will endanger our site soon. Google performs top-notch to detect such artificial shares. Websites that are exposed to negative determinations experience losses in the rankings over time and return to difficult ways. In other words, the work done on the site is called “backlink”. First of all, what is a backlink? We answered this in a previous article.

Where Should I Start?

SEO moves your store on a busy street. It brings people looking for products and services together with the most appropriate budget. Besides, its main benefits are; brand awareness, reputation, and sales increase. What is SEO with all the lines in our article? We tried to answer the question. Of course, however deeply we tell, this is a consultancy service.

It is important to carry out project-specific work, as each website, each project has its unique structure. As a result of the analysis that a good specialist will undergo the project, he/she should start his processes by creating a correct work plan. Aftera, we analyze all the projects we consult in the light of accurate and up-to-date information and provide the necessary appropriate work. How is it going to be? How are we going to do? Let us support your project with our strategies suitable for you, without growing such questions in mind.

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