How To Choose An SEO Agency?

An SEO agency is a business that provides services to other businesses to help them gain more traffic for their websites. SEO agencies perform the necessary SEO studies to improve the performance of their clients in Google or other search engines. The main goal for an SEO agency is to carry out the works according to the goals of the client and achieve the targeted success as accurately as possible. 

Before You Begin

Before choosing an SEO agency, you should learn about search engine and search engine optimization (SEO). If you are not familiar with these issues or have doubts about what you know, you can take advantage of our two guide below:

The SEO agency should make sure that it aims to meet the goals and success expectations of its clients and always consider this in its work. An SEO agency you have agreed to work with must have certain features. So what kind of features should an SEO agency you have a deal with, and how can you tell if the SEO agency is of good quality?

How Can You Track the Performance of the SEO Agency?

Measuring SEO Agencies
This image is from one of our SEO clients, and seeing the growth and increase in traffic is what you should expect from an SEO Agency

There are some ways to measure how an SEO company you have been actively working for your SEO activities and have been working with for a while has contributed to you and to follow the agency’s performance. In this way, you can measure whether the institution you receive service can truly reach you to your goals and how consistent it is in its promises.

The simplest process you can do without much effort is to examine the amount of organic traffic coming to your site from Google search results on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

You can see how your organic traffic has changed since you started working with the agency from the All Traffic report under the Acquisition tab in Google Analytics. When you break the report as Organic Search in the relevant field and set the date range, you can view the change in your organic traffic and have information about its fall/rise.

What is the Advantage of Working with an SEO Agency?

Working with an SEO agency has multiple advantages, and when you work with a really good SEO agency, you can observe how important these are. An agency you work with can give you an advantage in the following subjects;

  • Since you will determine the SEO budget, you will not experience any excess cost problems
  • You can suspend or cancel your contract at any time
  • Instead of a single SEO expert, there are multiple experts in their staff and your work is carried out more professionally
  • If you work with an agency, you can get other services of that agency (Social Media Consultancy, Social Media & Google Advertising, etc.), if any
  • You can see your SEO performance with transparent and clear reporting by the agency
  • Compared to a single SEO expert, they are more experienced because their number of customers is high and they have experienced employees
  • You can present your new ideas or help you get stuck in digital marketing
  • When you want to guarantee success, you can add it to the contract and get a commitment from the agency
  • It may be more advantageous and costly to work with the agency (in some cases) instead of hiring an SEO expert in your company

How Long Does SEO Take?

The answer to this question is never true. There can of course be an estimated time to achieve your desired goals or achievements, but there is no guarantee in this regard. If the SEO agency you are working with uses a phrase like “Definite success in X time”, you should not work with that agency especially if it is a low-cost SEO budget, there are SEO agencies that use black hat method to rank quick but your rankings will never be future proof.

Your industry, your competitors, the quality of the SEO work carried out on your site, the search queries made by people, and the difficulty of increasing these queries are the main factors.

There are also algorithm updates implemented by Google as an external factor. With all this in mind, the duration of time to success for an SEO project can never be expressed precisely.

However, after a detailed sector/market research is done, your competitors are analyzed and a road map regarding the work to be done on the site is prepared, an estimated time can be given.

Apart from this, stop hiring agencies that do guesseo and learn more on how to choose the perfect SEO Agency. Agencies without proper studies and analysis. Unfortunately, it may be disappointing not to achieve the goals you expect in your business. Our success with clients can be a great proof of how an SEO agency should work.

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