How Much Does SEO Cost in South Africa?

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One of the most serious questions that come into your mind when directing your digital marketing investments is perhaps “Which SEO agency, how much budget should I allocate?”

In this blog post, we want to provide a compilation of how much money you should spend on SEO. 

One of the most famous questions of digital channels is questions such as “SEO Pricing”, “SEO Cost” or “How much money do you need for SEO”.

Unfortunately, SEO is not as easy as making an email campaign. For this reason, standard costs never happen. If you are an E-Mail Marketing company and you have an email sending cost of 1000 people, you can naturally send a price to your customer who will send mail to 1 million people. However, SEO is not that easy. Since many digital marketing activities will affect organic traffic directly or indirectly, even reporting is much more complicated and difficult than other channels. In short, even this is a job in itself is difficult.

SEO cost alters according to the potential keyword difficulty and the time to spend. To be explained by SEM with a few tips, the national ranking, which can be R35 per click in AdWords, will cost more than the ranking of a locally directed keyword.

Of course, local SEO studies are also separated in itself. Even on the local side, there may be keywords that can be confronted with a major keyword difficulty in terms of competition. Depending on the popularity, many local SEO factors are depending on the district, status. The competition between the Woodstock office and the Durbanville office is not the same. Naturally, pricing will not be the same.

All these unique situations affect SEO pricing. In the meantime, a situation that should not be confused is the SEO packages at the standard price you get from the SEO Package sellers. These are standard prices.

You should determine the money you will spend on SEO studies by making the ROI calculation very well. The main purpose of this article is to raise this awareness.

SEO Cost in South Africa

What Determines The SEO Cost?

When pricing SEO, you have to consider the following variables:

Status: Where are you now?

Goal: Where do you want to be?

Time: How fast do you want to achieve your goal?

Just by looking at these three elements, any agency (including Aftera) can calculate how much your business will spend on SEO.

Let’s go with examples…

Our potential SEO client’s local business site is currently at the 15th place of the main target keyword (and variations).

Competitors on the first page have more connections and higher authority metrics. (Naturally.)

Competitors have invested more in local SEO (Business Page Authority, Local Directories, etc.)

Develop a local SEO strategy and do better local SEO work than your competitors. Planing a smooth roadmap to achieve all this.

Let’s add another situation that we have to skip when determining our costs is not to look at things in the sense that we have done. After reaching certain targets, you should be the flag waving on the target. SEO competition is very active. New opponents, new bloggers, everyone is in the ranking race. After we reach our goal, staying on that goal is just as important as reaching that goal. And SEO is seriously a matter of patience. When you start a project, you may not even see a move for the first 3 months.

High-Quality SEO Work vs Low-Quality SEO Work

This takes us here to the other key variable: QUALITY. A small story is one of the qualitative problems that still abound in the SEO industry. Those who claim to make SEO for R500 and those who provide SEO consultancy for R50000 x Month price. This irrational pricing is the main problem of the SEO industry has regarding pricing gap.

How Much Does SEO Cost in South Africa?

The rate for SEO in South Africa is between R500 – to R2000 depending on the difficulty for ranking and the experience of the SEO agency and consultant has. 

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